Our more than 40 years experience in this industry and our process and organization effectiveness lead us to keep up and running our partnership and cooperation for a long time, giving to our customers a wide supply, matching their expectations and the contracted timelines and providing a worthful assistance and support, whose satisfaction is demonstrated by our customers' loyalty.


OLMA headquarter is a building of roughly 900 square meters, including both the areas of manufacturing, storage, testing and the offices for dispatching, sales and administration; the concentration in one unique and relatively small building is a well-aware choice of the leadership and represents a strength of the company which is able to speed up the daily processes and operations, reducing (minimizing) both the timing for the internal communications and the scheduling of each activity (incoming order to handling, handling to production, production to delivery).

The culture of innovation and renewal is another strength of OLMA whose technical equipments, kits and tools are continuously updated and, together with the constant improvement of processes and procedures, guarantee the full reliability of the company which is compliant with all the standard and international requirements of its business.

Since its birth OLMA has been managed always overtime with strong ethic principles, in order to reach the best possible quality of the product, an esteemed customer care, a researched industry diversification and, finally, a fair trade.