About Us

OLMA enterprise was born more than 40 years ago, created from the idea, the devotion and the commitment of its founder, Mr Salvatore Lercara who, thanks to his strong will and his wide business skill, succeed in building and developing the company, which has been always ready to fit any customers' need, also thanks to a deeply highly qualified management and manpower.

Since 2008 the company is leaded by Mrs Stefania Lercara, founder's first daughter, through her strong culture of innovation, her labor of love and her accurate attention on human values.

Both the Sales and Marketing direction and the Financial and Administration department are managed by business women, with more than 20 years of experience, driven by a strong and proactive mind, a great commitment and a general business affinity overtime.

The rest of the team, often renewed and made younger, has constantly increased the company capabilities, guaranteeing a real time updating and also developing some international cooperation, permanently in place.

Our business approach with customer and third parties, is always based on skills, expertises and fairness.